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Kiersten Hickman, Senior Editor, Eat This, Not That!




Eat This, Not That!

Featuring several long form quotes, several of my recipes, and one of my original cocktails, - "The 77 St. Mark"

Whiskies of the World

My cocktail, "King's Peak" was selected as one of two finalists in the Whiskies of the World Cocktail Creation Competition. 

Splash Mixers

Created an original cocktail exclusively for Splash Premium Mixers, "The Salt Lake City Cosmo."

Eat This, Not That!

Featured as an opinion source for low sugar content cocktails.


Quoted and linked as a source for the article.

Eat This, Not That!

Created an exclusive cocktail, "St. Nick's Nightcap" for their Holiday Video Series, appeared on camera to teach how to make it at home. Premiere's Dec. 18th.

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